Five years later, it is once again Macron and Le Pen facing off in the final round of the French election, and I am once again in Paris to watch the action unfold over the next two weeks.
On the 10-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.
As the sticky days of summer roll by and my pace slows while I focus on a couple of long-term projects, I wanted to share some exciting news!
The Hard Science of Reincarnation
The UK's Court of Appeal just overturned the Stansted 15's terrorism-related convictions, nearly four years after their initial protest and over two…
As this incomprehensible year winds down, I’m revisiting some of the stories I’ve written over the last twelve months—attempting to create a narrative…
The Next Generation of the French Far Right: The National Rally’s youth movement in France does not resemble the party of yore, and they're using that…
June has been a time for homecomings: a return to Brooklyn after months of quarantine, a return to the streets in which I, and so many others, have…
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